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Vandit Kalia

We initially contacted Davit to use his professional expertise to help us plan an itinerary. However, Davit provided significantly more help - he gave us suggestions on places to stay, options on where to hike (factoring in weather on those specific days and my interest in photography) and also checked in with us regularly and helped us modify the plans on the fly, as we went along. We managed to optimize our trip significantly based on his advice - in fact, the one place where we felt we didnt do a good job was when we decided to over-rule his advice and book based on something we had read. Even with accommodation - some places we booked on our own and other places on his recommendations - and pretty much in every case, the places he recommended provided better value. Lesson learned - listen to Davit, he knows what he is saying! Quite honestly, the time spent and amount of services provided were far in excess of his professional fees. And he is a very nice, modest and extremely honest and hardworking person. I cannot recommend Davit highly enough! (I ended up forgetting a fairly expensive pair of prescription glasses at the car rental place - Davit was kind enough to go there, collect it and post it back for me)




About The Author

Georgian Tour Adviser (Davit Berishvili) - I have travelled to all of the places posted here and I am happy to share my experience. However, this is for informational purposes only - to help you plan your trip in Georgia. You are welcome to share, comment, correct me or suggest your ideas. Besides, you could also contact me through contact form/fb/email if you want an arranged tour. Please like our fb page to get updates. Hope you will come back soon.