Guesthouse Guriis Khibli, Dvabzu, Ozurgeti

by Georgian Tour

Guesthouse Guriis Khibli is located in village Dvabzu, Ozurgeti district, Guria Region near the central road to Ozurgeti. It is 2-story village house with nice large yard, ethnographic corner, vegetable and fruit gardens, party/resting places in the yard, near the river, in the balcony, in the living room, etc; Rooms are clean in good condition. Overall, it is one of the best guesthouse in Georgia.

Price: 25 GEL per person; Half Board – 50 GEL 

Tel Number: +995 599 78 75 16   (Naziko Javelidze)

Address: village Dvabzu, Ozurgeti; In Georgian: საოჯახო სასტუმრო გურიის ხიბლი, დვაბზუ, ოზურგეთი

Facilities: Food and drinks: Breakfast for 10 GEL-with good Georgian cheese, Khachapuri, etc; Dinner- 15 GEL usually dishes made from meat are served if not requested otherwise; 7 rooms (1-2-3 bed rooms) in the second floor for up to 15 people; 3 shared bathrooms (2 showers) in the second floor; balcony with tables; In the first floor: Kitchen, dining room, living room, bar, corners for rest; hot water; large garden, parking place; Internet; tours to other regions of Georgia/mountains of Guria/Black Sea; 

Category: Ozurgeti, Guria hotels and homestays, budget hostels and hotels. 

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