Hotel & Restaurant Easy, Kazbegi

by Georgian Tour

Hotel ,,Easy” is located in the center of Kazbegi near the central square. It’s comfortable hotel run by Georgian-German family with affordable prices, clean rooms, nice views to the summit, balconies and 24/7 reception. Restaurant is also available at the site for your convenience.

Price: per person 25-40-60 GEL depending on the room; suite: 80-100-120 GEL per room; 

Tel Number: +995 597 43 34 83; +995 592 90 19 28  Email:; 

Address: 15 Kazbegi st, Kazbegi ; In Georgian: სასტუმრო Easy ყაზბეგში

Facilities:  standard rooms (2-2-4 bed rooms) and suites;  hot water;Restaurant; Internet; Balconies; 24/7 reception; parking place; Hosts speak English and German; 

Category: kazbegi hotels and homestays, budget hostels and hotels.