Guesthouse Soso Arabuli, Juta

by Georgian Tour

Soso Arabuli’s Guesthouse is located in Juta, Kazbegi district, up the road following the river. Juta is remote village in Sno Valley (13km from Kazbegi) with one of the most impressive hiking routes to Arkhoti valley and Chiukhi mountains. This is one of the most comfortable guesthouses in Juta featuring 3 rooms for 9 people, kitchen, dining room and bathroom in a good condition. Heating available in winter. Horse tours are offered by hosts. 

Price: 25 GEL per person (half board – 50 GEL)

Tel Number: +995 555 69 00 45(Soso Arabuli)

Address: Juta, Kazbegi district; In Georgian: სოსო არაბულის საოჯახო სასტუმრო ჯუთაში, ყაზბეგი

Facilities:  3 rooms (2-3-4 beds); shared bathroom;  hot water; heating; kitchen; living room; parking place; Unfortunately, No internet by 2015; Horse Rent: 3hr- 60 GEL, 6-person car to kazbegi-40 GEL per car for guests; 

Category: Juta, kazbegi hotels and homestays, budget hostels and hotels.

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