Iza Dvalidze’s Guesthouse in Utsera, Oni, Racha

by Georgian Tour

Iza Dvalidze’s Guesthouse is located in Utsera village. It is 2-story building with nice large yard, balcony and a shared bathroom (In 2015 Summer, private bathrooms were being built/repaired). Rooms are clean in good condition. Travelers can enjoy living in the hospitable and relaxing environment and nice views to Mountains and staying in beautiful Utsera.

Utsera, famous mineral water resort, is village deep in River Rioni’s gorge sorrounded by mountains as high as 3000-4000m and mixed forests beuatiful in spring-autumn season. It is 12km from Oni at the edge of Caucasus Mountain range- entrance of mountain Racha (at the end of paved motorway towards Racha’s caucasus), around 15-20km from both Shovi and Ghebi villages  of Oni district which are base locations for important hikes. Utsera has a sanatorium and a quite a few homestays.

Price: 12-15 GEL per person (full board – 40 GEL)

Tel Number: +995 99 282188 (Iza Dvalidze)

Address: Utsera, Oni district (at the central highway near Sanatorium)  In Georgian: საოჯახო სასტუმრო უწერაში, იზა დვალიძე 

Facilities:  8 rooms (2-3-4-5 bed rooms) for up to 12 people; shared bathrooms; hot water; large garden, parking place; 

Category: Utsera, Oni, Racha hotels and homestays, budget hostels and hotels. 

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