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Guesthouse Khvanchkara is located in Khvanchkara village of Ambrolauri district, Racha region – famous for wine : Kvanchkara which is popular in former Soviet Countries. It is traditional Rachvelian wooden house, with large garden, vineyards, living room, kitchen with Rooms in clean and traditional style and bathrooms in good repair.

Quoting from reviews from Bludanubewine agreeing that in terms of people and culture Khvanchkara is a great place to stay in Racha:

,,Our time in Khvanchkara was only long enough for us to fall in love. It is a magnetic location inhabited by people who would live nowhere else. Aleko’s Guesthouse is a window onto this special place. The wines and accommodations reflect the local way of life. It as as easily accessible as could be for such a remote wine region which only a few years ago could only be accessed by Jeep. Aleko is a proud young champion of Khvanckhara. His wines and hospitality had us shouting as we drove away: “We will return!””

Price: 25 GEL per person per bed (half board 40 GEL); Wine degustation in Cellar is included; 

Tel Number: +995 558 900 962  or +995 551 53 84 04 (Aleko Sardanashvili) Email:

Address: village Khvanchkara (near the central highway; banner on the road);  In Georgian: საოჯახო სასტუმრო ხვანჭკარა, სოფელი ხვანჭკარა, რაჭა

Facilities:  3 rooms (2-3-5 bed rooms) for up to 10 people; In addition there is small cottage with 1 room; shared bathroom; hot water; garden, parking place; The owner has a car (minivan for 8 people) to arrange mini excursions.  Wine Cellar! Oven;  Gril 

Category: Ambrolauri, Racha hotels and homestays, budget hostels and hotels. 

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