Guesthouse in Utsera – Klvadia’s House

by Georgian Tour
Guesthouse – Klavdia’s house is located in village Utsera, Racha Region. Guesthouse has huge yard, so guests can relax and enjoy spectacular views of Utsera even without leaving it. The guesthouse is at the border of beautiful forest, where guests can take a walk or hike. In addition there are three different types of mineral water great for health just next to the house. River Beghlori is within 900 metres from the guesthouse, where guests of all age can enjoy swimming in the cold mountain river.There are three bedrooms for rent in the guesthouse accommodating 8 guests. Additional beds can be put upon request.

Price: 12 GEL per person (bed), B & B – 24 GEL, Full Board – 40 GEL; Accommodation and meals for kids up to 3 years is free, from 3 to 11 years- half price. 

Tel Number: +995 599353464 (Nato)  +995  591299009 0lga ( )

Address: Utsera, Oni district (Above Pazisi Sanatorium)  In Georgian: საოჯახო სასტუმრო უწერაში, კლავდიას სახლი

Facilities:  3 rooms (2-3-3 bed rooms -possible to add 2 beds); shared bathroom; hot water; large garden, parking place; available car and guide services to Gona and Shovi. 

Category: Utsera, Oni, Racha hotels and homestays, budget hostels and hotels. 

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