Hotel Garda, Martvili

by Georgian Tour

Hotel Garda is located in the center of Martvili, Samegrelo. Featuring 4 comfortable triple rooms with shared bathrooms and suites with private bathrooms, internet, cable TV, kitchen and some other facilities, Travelers can enjoy staying in this hotel and exploring nearby sites.

Price: 20 GEL per person in standard triple rooms; suite (with private bathroom) – 50 GEL 

Tel Number: (+995 558) 255954; (+995 599) 94719  (Lia and Otari Galdava)

Address: 2 Chavchavadze st, Martvili; In Georgian: სასტუმრო გარდა, მარტვილი, სამეგრელო

Facilities:  4 triple room with shared bathrooms and suites with private ones; parking place; Internet; Cable TV; Living Room; 

Category: Martvili, Samegrelo hotels and homestays, budget hostels and hotels.

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