Guesthouse Tsalenjikha, Tsalenjikha, Samegrelo

by Georgian Tour

Guesthouse Tsalenjikha is located in Tsalenjikha at Kiacheli street. Featuring nice large yard, comfortable rooms and well-repaired bathrooms, tennis table, balcony with nice view, living room full of books, it is ideal option for travelers  who plan to explore surroundings of Tsalenjikha including the cathedral or Intsra waterfall.

Price: 20 GEL per person (half board – 50 GEL)

Tel Number: +995 591 05 60 99 (Nino Pipia) ; fb

Address: 7 Kiacheli st, Tsalenjikha; In Georgian: საოჯახო სასტუმრო წალენჯიხაში

Facilities:  5 rooms; shared bathrooms, 1 room with private bathroom; hot water; large garden, parking place; 

Category: Tsalenjikha, Samegrelo hotels and homestays, budget hostels and hotels.

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