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A Magical, mysterious place, home of Khevsuretian Gods, with a view to a spectacular Chiukhi Mountain, The Abudelauri lakes are situated in far north of the eastern part of Caucasus Mountains at an altitude of 2500m in alpine zones at the foot of the Chiukhi Massif. Lots of legends and myths are connected to these lakes. The Abudelauri lakes are of transitive colors: one is colorless (green in photos, due to its surroundings) where you can camp, the second is blue and very beautiful and the last one is white like milk- due to glacier – from the white lake newborn river starts. The trek to the lakes does not involve lots of energy and time if you only want to visit the lakes.

The Blue Lake

Blue Lake

There are 2 options for hike: 

Easy Walk: From Village Roshka 6-7km (max. 2 hours walk) to the first two lakes and then extra half an hour to reach the white lake.

Real Hiking (difficulty: moderate): From Juta (Kazbegi district) 8-hours walk across the Chiukhi pass (around 3,400). This option is only for experienced hikers and might be a great option if you plan your trip from Kazbegi to Khevsureti. In this case you can avoid transportation costs.

The White Lake

white lake

How to get there: 

Option 1: It’s 100km drive from Tbilisi to Roshka (last 7km either by jeep only or walk). from there you can easily walk on the marked route (just a regular path).

Or there is Barisakho Bus (8gel) which leaves From Didube station in Tbilisi at 5pm every day. There are marshutkas to Shatili also for 20 GEl twice a week, but this will make your trip quite longer (+7km from the main road) so hired transport is preferable. By car you can do Abudelaurebi lakes trip in 1 or 2 days depending what you prefer as there is nice camping place near green lake.

You can see Roshka stones on the way. You can also camp at the green lake. The best season to see the lakes is June/July. Aslo possible in August and September. Village Roshka is on 2000m. You can visit Shatili and Mutso Tower villages of Khevsureti from Roshka after this trip. OR if you like hiking you can hike to Arkhoti (author recommended trip).

Option 2:  For trekkers: Drive to Juta from Tbilisi (160km) or from Kazbegi (20km); If taking public transport from Tbilisi then you can take Kazbegi marshutka from Didube station, get off at village Sno and take a taxi to Juta or walk. Hitchhiking is almost impossible. Walking 15km on a jeep road might not be a great experience but you can still do it. From Juta nice hiking route starts across the Chiukhi pass. You should do it in one day and camp near Green lake.

Village Juta is on 2200m. You should camp in Juta and start your hike in very early morning. OR alternatively you can stay in the homestays in Juta or in Zeta camping site where you can enjoy views to Chiukhi mountains and they can provide you with a camping gear. 5th season huts were recently built up there but

 The Green Lake

Green Lake

MAP And GPS tracks:

Option 1 (track starts from the road where Barisakho bus can take you. By jeep you can reach Roshka.)

Option 2:

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14 Responses

  1. Suzanna

    Hi Davit, i wanna do Juta to Roshka via Chaukhi Pass on 5&6June. Is it possible in terms of navigation? I have experience in trekking in snow and ice. Thanks for your advice!

  2. Sneha

    Hi Davit, Hope you are doing good. Would it be possible to arrange for a trek for 2 days. We are three of us. and planning to visit Georgia next week 28-30 sep.

  3. Vivi Franco

    We arrive in your area in mid-April 2018.
    Want to know:
      Is there access to the three lakes with a Jeep 4 * 4? If so, where should I go? What is the fastest route?
    Should part of the road have to walk? If so, where is it best to leave the vehicle and continue on foot?
    And are the routes marked and clear to those who do not yet know?
    Thanks for the help..

    • Georgian Tour

      The area is not accessible in Mid April, or it may be reached by jeep + foot somehow but the lakes will not exist – will be frozen fields only. You should come back for June and July.

  4. Daphne

    We would like to go to Roshka on Friday, I think we could leave Tbilisi around 15pm. Is it possible to do so by marshrutka or is it really necessary to have a car to do this? And does this need to be a 4×4, or can it also be a regular car?
    Thank you!

  5. Joey

    Hello, we are going to the Colorful Lakes of Abudelauri next week. We rented an SUV. How should the route be planned? Where do we park? Where do we start walking? How long does it take to walk to reach the lake? Is it going to Roshka first? Is there a clear road sign?

    • Georgian Tour

      You can park it in the village. From the main road u need to turn left to Roshka, there is a road sign but please watch carefully after u pass Barisakho.

  6. Stien Willems

    Hi Davit!

    I’m coming to Georgia in July, with a group of 17-18 yo.
    This hiked looked amazing to me 🙂
    How experienced do you have to be to be able to do it comfortably in 1 day?
    And is it possible to camp anywhere? Or only near the Green Lake?
    We might contact a guide to take us over the pass, do you think that might be a good idea?

    Stien (from Belgium)

    • Georgian Tour

      Hi Stien,
      U can do it comfortably in 1 day to the lakes without special experience. However, Juta to Roshka hike u need to be hiker. U can camp at green lake and also anywhere below that also In Juta 5th season, Zeta camping and near the small pond.

      • Stien Willems

        Super, thank you.
        Is the hike clear or will it be necessary to hire a guide to get there?
        I saw that the Green Lake is quite far over half of the hike, is that true?

        Thanks in advance,

      • Georgian Tour

        Hi Stien,
        It depends from where u start. From Juta its far away. But if u want to do short hike and photoshooting u can take a car to Roshka and then do short hike to the lakes and back.

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