The secrets of Shaori and Abuli Megaliths

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Shaori and Abuli

If you are interested in megaliths like Stonehenge you can find yourself surprisingly delighted by making a Journey in Georgian highlands along the hidden trails and explore Era of Megalith in Georgia!  Several thousand years old Megalythic fortresses Shaori and Abuli are located in Javakheti region in mysterious locations on the sea levels of 2752 (Shaori) and 2630 (Abuli).

The buildings owe their attractiveness and outstanding cultural historical importance to their impressive size, remarkable age, enigmatic architectural design, suggesting that many functions may have existed in connection with ritual (supposedly spiritual acts/star obeservation/sacrifice) acts and duties.

Some of the most impressive cyclopean fortresses and settlements in Javakheti Plateau such as Saro, Shaori and Abuli are constructed of 3-4-metre volcanic basalt blocks using dry masonry techniques. Megalith Menhir of Trialeti range is real mystery of the Caucasus.


Please see photos of Abuli fort and its plan:


562791_491969834162433_1144790239_nAbuli Fortress


Please See photos of Shaori Fort (the road between 2 parts of the fortress) and its plan:



How to get to Shaori

You need to drive your car either to Aspara or Tambovka villages near the Paravani lake, Ninotsminda district 120km; or you can take public mini bus (marshutka) to Ninotsminda and get off at Poka village. From there you can take either taxi or walk to any of these 2 villages. There is a beautiful dukhabor house in Tambovka.

Shaori Map and gps track:



How to get to Abuli

You need to drive or take Ninotsminda marshutka to Gandzani village (140km). If you are combining these two fortresses in 2-day trip then it’s only 7km from Poka to Gandzani villages.

Abuli map and GPS track (please note that if you are only considering to climb up to the fortress this track might be longer as it is for those who want to hike till the peak Mt. Small Abuli and then go down to the fortress but you can still use it).


Useful Info about Shaori and Abuli:

  • The best time to hike is a sunny day of October but you can do this hikes in May-October period anytime.
  • Consider meeting Azeri shephards on the road to Abuli fort near Armenian-populated Gandzani village.
  • If you have to choose one, Shaori fort is harder for hike and has more spectacular views and it’s more complex and spiritually more mystical than Abuli fort. Although, Abuli fort is more maintained architechturally and might be better for photos.
  • If you would like to make your trip longer then Mt. Didi Abuli peak and levani lake is an option if you like mountains, but if you want more megaliths the go to Saro or Tsalka district (avranlo and tejisi).

Map of Samtskhe-Javakheti

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Rusudan Tsiskreli October 27, 2017 - 6:27 am

Very interesting blog. Here is some more information and photos about Abuli fortress which is really mystical place. I plan to organize jeeptour there if weather will allow.

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