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Tbatana village is located on the level of 1900-2000 in alpine zone looking over Kakheti and the whole Pankisi gorge. Camping there might become unforgettable experience for any nature lover. It’s like camping on the edge of the sky with spectacular panoramas with a view to Caucasus mountains and Kakheti as well as Pankisi gorge which is a home to Kists- chechen ethnic group living in Georgia.


There are Tush  and Kistinian shepherds’ summer huts and shelters on Tbatana. Beautiful views stretch from that place over the peaks of High Caucasus. Shepherds live in this place since June to the end of September. They supervise pasturage of sheep’s herds, cows and goats.

tbatana mari lagvilava

Small Lake at Tbatana By M.Lagvilava

How to get there: you need to take a car or public transport to Pankisi gorge; 138km from Tbilisi to village Dzibakhevi in Pankisi; Public transport or shared taxis leave from Ortachala Station to Pankisi villages;

Hiking Distance: 11-12km (can be covered also by 4wd)

11km one way, 1500m in vertical ;

Yellow Azalea blossoming in Tbatana

Me on the background of Yellow Azalea blossoming in Tbatana

Useful Info: 

-Till you reach the village spring is only at one point which is not easy to notice, so its recommended to carry some water on your way to village where you can find lots of springs.

-There is a nature reserve on the way which is closed for tourists but you can still walk in if you are allowed. The nature reserve Batsara is famous for its 2,000 year old taxus baccata trees.

-The best time for hike is May-June. but it’s also possible to hike there till October.
-The lake (around 1km from Tbatana) is very small and it’s only beautiful for photos which can be taken well in a sunny weather.

tbatana by teo kizilashvili

Trekking from Tabatana to Tusheti: (I dont have a GPS track of Tbatana-Tusheti route so I don’t guarantee that only by this info your trip will be successful, make sure you do more research)-  There is 5-day track from Tbatana to Tusheti mountains. 68 km distance, hard trek. From the lake near Tbatana take right path going up to Sakisto Mountain and then up to Rkinis Mta (Iron Mountain) – very tiring ascent. The route is hard but panorama is rewarding. If you are blessed with less fog, you will admire fantastic views, views everywhere. Here if you have a great weather, not windy you can risk to camp in the sky (over Rkinis Mta viewpoint) or cross the pass and camp there. Here ends the day 1 hike from Tbatana.


Trekking from Tbatana To Tusheti – Viewpoint of Rkinis Mta

 Then you will have to go around another mountain and stop at Shepard’s hut to drink something. From there path goes down into gorge. Then you can decide whether you want to camp there or if you have enough time to cross the pass (Sakorne mountain 2835m) 42.405354 45.269271 camp across the pass as it may not be great idea to camp over the mountain. Then make sure you dont descend from Sakorne once you get up there, continue your way straight till all the ridges are behind and then start to descend to the main hut. Make sure you call the owners of the hut as there might be sheepdogs. Now you are in Tusheti, North Caucasus. You can see approximate directions here.

See the map and gps track of Tbatana hike please see:

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