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Starting from Turkish border the first settlements you will enter are Sarpi and Gonio. Some Georgians think the these most southern resorts of the black sea have the purest water and the best beaches. Both in Sarpi which is Laz (sub-ethnic group) village divided between Turkey and Georgia and Gonio, which is home to Georgia’s one of the oldest fortress you will find a bed in summer starting from 15-20 GEL, some with nice view to black sea. Gonio Fortress, which in the I-II centuries was a town of Roman empire, is believed to hold the tomb of the Apostle Mathew – one of Christ’s disciples. It has its walls still standing, also remains of archaeological excavations, small museum inside, might be interesting for those interested in history but if you have to choose between sights, I would visit antique city of Petra near Kobuleti.

Petra fortress is located in Tsikhisdziri on the rocky hill near overlooking the black sea. It was built in the 6th century AD by Justinian I, Byzantine Emperor. The city is in ruins as you can see from the video but it’s still impresses its guests. You can access the site everyday except Monday from 10AM to 7PM from Kobuleti (7km) or from/on the way to Batumi (20km).

There is interesting spot for tourists who want to get out of beach and relax in the nature. 10km from Batumi there is Batumi botanical garden.from there you can enjoy the view of Black sea, flora and fauna from all over the world.An electric bus service is available (cost 3 GEL). No. 150 and No. 31 buses operate between Batumi and the Botanical Garden (20-30 minute journey). The Garden is open from 08:00 to 21:00. For the map of botanical garden please see. You can also visit FB page of the botanical garden for more photos.


Green Cape at Botanical Garden



But if you want something wild you need to drive more and get up to Mtirala national park from Chakvistavi (1 hour drive from the main road). As it’s near the black sea, air is kind of moist and might be harder to hike, but you can do some hikes especially if it’s not very hot. Mtirala means crying, so this is the mountain with the highest amount of precipitation in Georgia. Chestnut forest trial which passes through the lake and waterfall is easier hike in nature and will occupy only half of your way (only 7km). Colchic box trees, variety of flowers, picnic spots, exotic villages, you will find yourself in the wonderland if you reach Mtirala NP on a right time. If you want longer hikes you can do longer trail to the top of Mt.Mtirala, or do my favorite Kintrishi national park trek from Kobuleti.


Bordzomi NP


You can do even more in the Adjara seaside as there is Kobuleti resort for budget travelers. You can find a cloudless blue sky to set up a camp along black sea coast under pine trees and watch amazing sunset from your camp. Georgians are blessed to have an east coast of black sea as sunsets are more beautiful than sunrises to my mind. You can even find a basic bed here for 10 laris, eat in numerous cheap restaurants and fast food cafes and dance in night clubs and meet youth from all the countries of South Caucasus, also you can drive to amusement park ,,firefly which is also nearby. For more Kobuleti visit its fb page.


Kobuleti Beach


kobuleti sunset by FRITS PLANTINGA

You can also see nice webpost regarding the best beaches of Adjara. Wish you a nice holiday, for the map please see:

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