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Betlemi Hut is the highest (3,653 m) located building in Georgia. Its history takes origin as far back as in 20-ies of the last century, when it was decided to build a shelter for first Georgian alpinists, who started mastering the new routes. Serving as a mountain climbers’ shelter and it combined the function of meteorological station for a certain period. Currently it annually hosts thousands of Georgian and foreign tourists, who stay there for a night on the route to Mkinvartsveri Peak (Mt. Kazbeg).

Our Photo from Meteo Station:


How to get there: 

You can take a car or marshutka to Stepatsminda (150km) from Didube station (cost 10GEL). Alternatively you can take shared jeep directly to Gergeti church (150-200 Gel for a jeep) and camp at Gergeti church (2200)- better for acclimatization.


Useful Info:

-There are several options: You can camp in the field near the Gergeti Trinity Monastery (2200m) or in the early morning take a jeep from Kazbegi and start hiking to the Meteo station. In average, in 8 hours you can climb up. Alternatively you can camp at Sabertse (half way) and continue next morning.

-After Sabertse you will need to walk on the glacier which might be dangerous as it has holes. You can either hire a guide or follow other tourists and take some risks.

-The best season is August/September for Mt.Kazbeg, but it’s possible (with or without equipment) almost all year when it’s not too much snow. Check weather in advance.

-For only Meteo station no special equipment is necessary if you dont intend to go up to the Mount Kazbeg.

-From Meteo station you can climb to Small iron construction (church) at 3930m sea level.

-The last ascent till Meteo is called Boghma which means disguise (anger).

-It’s possible to camp near the basecamp but for overnight stay fees in the Meteo building please visit the website (The price-list is being updated and website is temporarily shut down, but overnight stay should be around 10-15 USD, check with geoland: +995 32  922553 ; Meteo stations phone number +995 790 512000)

For the map and gps track please see:

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