Sighnaghi Great Wall and Kakhetian Wine Trip

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Due to its special and unique architecture and natural location Sighnaghi, pearl of Kakheti region (110km from Tbilisi), is one of the most beautiful small towns in Georgia. Built 790 meters above the sea level, it overlooks the most beautiful landscape of Alazani Valley and Caucasus Mountains. It was recently restored under government project but 200-year old view is still preserved. The wall, houses built with Georgian bricks, wooden fretwork balconies, cobblestone pavements, wine cellars, basements and of course the inimitable views produce an unforgettable impression upon the visitors of the town.


Sighnaghi Streets


You can enjoy walking in the city, get up the wall, eat Kakhetian food and drink wine in its restaurants, visit wine cellars, buy Georgian carpets or at least some knitted goods such as socks and hats. There are many hotels and guesthouses where you can stay. Remember that every Georgian region is unique and different. Kakheti region is almost a different planet in comparison to other regions of Georgia. You will not forget your trip here.

Sighnaghi wall with the length of about 5 kilometers and 23 towers was built in King Erekle II’s times in 1770s. The fortress could accommodate almost all Kizikians in that period. Sighnaghi Wall is still considered to be one of the most important historic monuments in Kakheti and throughout Georgia. A small section of the wall has been restored for tourism. From the city follow the road down from ,,The Knitting Ladies” and sign ,,tourist track” will take you up to the wall and this track ends at the restaurant overlooking Alazani valley. Views of the greater Caucasus is beautiful in the clear weather if you are lucky. Sighnaghi can be visited at any season – even in sunny days of winter you will admire looking at snow-capped summits walking on the Sighnaghi wall.

Sighnaghi Wall

Sighnaghi Wall


Another highlight of Sighnaghi is St.Stephen church in Sighnaghi fortress, (take the road to the left of Hotel Sighnaghi at the highest square. The church is up the road on the right.). The church tower commands an excellent view of Sighnaghi’s surrounding areas and tourists can climb over the fortifications.

Bodbe convent and St. Nino spring is also near the city (2km). It’s important place for pilgrims for St.Nino’s grave who converted Georgia to Christianity in the 4th century.


Kornabuji fortress (5th century), which is presented by most travel guides as one of the highlights of Sighnaghi, is not near the town and you can not visit easily if you are using regular transport, but if you are coming by your car/taxi it’s very impressive site in the Neighboring Dedoplistskaro district (38km) which is base for Vashlovani National Park.

Wine Cellars in Sighnaghi:

Pheasants Tears Restaurant at Baratashvili st has good wine tasting options. Its recommended and great wines.

There is also Cradle of Wine Marani at the same street. They serve serve natural wines made in qvevri (clay vessels).

Okro’s wines are also recommended especially famous Amber wine of Georgia – Kisi.

Kusika’s restaurant in Sighnaghi. Here you should try Chakapuli (seasonal lamb in white wine and tkemali -plums and herbs) and shashlik.

How to get there: 

From Tbilisi marshrutkas run daily from Navtlughi station (Samgori metro) station . Travel duration is 1.5 hours



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