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Kartli is a central region of Georgia divided by Trialeti range into regions of Inner and Lower Kartli.

Inner Kartli has plains which are home to many historical monuments such as Uplistsikhe cave city in Stalin's birthplace Gori district, Samtavisi and Skhvilo Fortresses in Kaspi, Kintsvisi Cathedral in Kareli and Khtisi and Ulumbo Monasteries in Khashuri and for those who love nature and short hiking or jeep routes near Tbilisi there are some hidden mysterious gorges in Inner Kartli like Tedzami gorge with Rkoni M0nastery and panoramic Saorbisa ruins, Kavtura gorge with Kvatakhevi monastery and Tavkavta fortress, Tana gorge above Ateni Sioni Cathedral in Gori and hike to Bateti lake in Dzama gorge which is like a sacred place with up to 50 monasteries.

Lower kartli has a lot to offer in colorful seasons and in terms of 1-day trips from Tbilisi. The most notable is Dmanisi Archeological site has the oldest human skull discovered in the world except Africa and also Dmanisi castle ruins. You can see this site together with Bolnisi Sioni Church (5th c.) and panoramic Poladauri Fortress in 1 day.  You can drink tea in Marneli chaikhana of local Azeris and watch them cultivate from Chapala Fortress, visit villages where Azeris and Armenians live together peacefully, visit old German and Greek settlements, cathedrals and cemeteries and meet kids from Bediani orphanage.

In addition, you can explore historical sites with beautiful nature: Samshvilde fortress and its panoramic views, Gudarekhi Monastery in yellow autumn colors, hike to Pitareti church, climb to Birtvisi castle where even the strictest conqueror Tamerlane had some trouble, visit Gomareti plateau, all season impressive Canyons of Tsalka in Dashbashi, hike from Manglisi through Algeti NP to  Kldekari fortress and then to Rkoni Monastery and more.

Romantic Legends of Mtskheta

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Pitareti Monastery Adventure

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Birtvisi is ruined medieval fortress in Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia, in proximity of Tbilisi, around 53km-s south-west from the capital in Tetri-Tsakaro municipaility.  Essentially a natural rocky fortress o...