Bakhmaro – Meet sunset and sunrise in the Mountains of Guria

by Georgian Tour


The beauty of Southern Georgia and its Meskheti range is all reflected in the diamond of Georgian mountains – Bakhmaro resort which is one of the most beautiful place in the Western Georgia. Located above 2,000m from the sea level, it is 11o-120km drive both from Kutaisi and Batumi and 340km from Tbilisi and can be reached by any ordinary car from late spring till the second half of October.

Small cottages which people hire for 1 to 3 weeks in summer, beautiful pine forests and alpine meadows, nearby summer villages of mountain Adjarians who will serve you fresh cheese and sour cream and other local food, police station, cafe and some signs of civilization in the middle of high mountains will make you feel yourself in the different planet. The mountains and the stars (ideal for shots of milky way) and views to Caucasus mountain range including Elbrus, Shkhara, Ushba and even Mkinvartsveri in the East will make your stay more memorable, only if mystical fogs don’t interfere, so you need to check weather carefully. I would prefer August and September for the views, and June and early July for the nature.


The best of Bakhmaro is its hills around it

Georgians call it gora (გორა). Sunset mountain (მზის ჩასვლის გორა) and sunrise mountain (მზის ამოსვლის გორა) are the mountains over Bakhmaro, easy to reach from where no other mountain can interfere with the best views.
The sunset mountain, 2200, can be easily reached from the Bakhmaro’s center (Peristsvaleba church). Around 2km, only 200m vertical is only half an hour walk. You need to be there around 1.5/2 hours before sunset, rest enjoy the view. Depending on the weather you can see 1) how the sun goes down in the sea from the 22oom sea level. 2) The best option: How the sun goes down into the sea of clouds (when it is sunny in the alpine valley and cloudy down in the lowlands near the sea. It is very spectacular. 3) fog, no sun, no views, nothing )

After watching the most beautiful sunset in Georgia and the Caucasus mountains you can go down and get couple shots of vodka or tea and prepare for the longer ascent to Sunrise mountain. Depends how good you are, you may start hiking around 2AM, take sleeping bags and/or blanket to warm up yourself. From the end of the car trail (you need to go to the other side of the resort), you need to walk around 2 hours (500m vertical) and wait for the sunrise on the top of the mountain. From there you can view cities of Georgia like from the plane at night: Kutaisi, Chokhatauri, Samtredia, Kopitnari Airport and the Caucasus range, even Khvamli mountain.

BakhmaroAfter sunrise, you can warm up a little, take photos and watch the summits of Caucasus mountains, even Elbrus and Mt.Kazbegi, not just Benzengi wall and Ushba. In case of unfavorable weather you may see only mystic fogs and clouds. After getting frozen at 2,500m at sea level, you can drive your car and in few hours you can down to the black sea and swim there and take the best feelings back home.



Wish you good luck with weather and pleasant and magical experience like the one I had.


For the GPS track of Sunrise Mountain please see:

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For the GPS track of Sunset Mountain please see:

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For the GPS track of hike between Beautiful resorts of Bakhmaro and Gomis Mta through Chinchao Lake please see:

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Maria Svoisky Goldberg September 24, 2016 - 11:24 am

Thank you for this post. If not for you, I would have missed the most magical experience of my entire Georgian adventure!

Georgian Tour September 26, 2016 - 7:29 am

I am happy you have enjoyed it! Cheers!
Next step is to see Gomis Mta, or Taking car from Ghorjomi to Bakhmaro, hike to Gomis Mta, then descend in Kintishi National park ))

Phebby Pasturan June 26, 2018 - 6:53 am

Hi Maria,

I have read that you have been to Bakhmaro? I am planning to visit this August from dubai. Any tips? I presume that i will be coming from Tbilisi. Do you have any idea for transpo availability from Tbilisi? Thanks, looking forward.

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