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Vashlovani Protected Areas is located in the extreme eastern part of Georgia-  Dedoflistskaro district. It includes Nature Reserve and most importantly mud volcanoes by which neighboring Azerbaijan is most known for. Vashlovani Protected Areas tourist trail network gives the possibility of hiking for one or several days. Paths are marked and well-arranged. Bungalows, picnic spots and camping sites are arranged along the routes. Sites for setting up a fire are also allocated. National park offers hiking, geological, biking, photo, cultural and educational tours.

Please note that it is necessary to check-in in Visitors center before visiting the national park. Please have an identity card with you.

How to get:

  • From Tbilisi to Dedoplistskaro – 130km (2 hr by car)
  • from Dedoplistskaro to Takhti Tepa mud vulcanoes site: 51km (by car preferably 4wd)

Useful Information: 

  • You need to bring your ID and register in Dedoplistskaro as mud vulcanoes site is located after the border police checkpoint.
  • Trip is possible at any season. Beware of high temperature in summer.
  • gps track can be downloaded from our wikiloc page (please follow us at wikiloc).
  • Please see the website of protected areas for more info 
  • On the way to the Mud volcanoes you can visit Dali reservoir. You can see the photos here.

Photos of other trails of Vashlovani NP:

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For the GPS track of Vashlovani national park takhti-tepa volcanoes please see:

For the GPS track of Mijniskure please see:

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