You can take shorter but rural road from Akhaltsikhe to Batumi and cross the Goderdzi Pass and Walk to Green Lake, visit Beshumi resort and Adjarian summer settlements, have a picnic, if you happen to be on the day of holiday Shuamtoba you can attend horse racing, concerts, traditions and taste local food.

Goderdzi Pass crosses Arsiani ridge at the Height of 2025 m. 




Adjarian Yaylas on the road to Green Lake

Green Lake – Green Lake, a lake in the municipality of Kulo, near Goderdzi pass, 2058 meters above. 5-6km jeep trail starts at local shop of Goderdzi Pass 2000m from the sea level. From there it’s just 1 or 1.5 hour to walk passing through Adjarian summer settlements. You can meet locals, try their food, enjoy views on the way to lake. The road is enjoyable and easy for anyone.

At the end the settlements end and the road goes down in the field, then to the lake which has natural green color. Nice places to take photos, relax, swim if there is no fog which often accompanies hikes here. Generally its a nice lake which should be included in any jeep tour or road trip of mountain Adjara.


Photo by Lika Tabutsadze


The area is also quite beautiful in winter so it is recommended to visit it any season. For the current photos and updates visit fb page of Goderdzi ski resorts.

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For the gps track of Green Lake (Mtsvane Tba) Hike:

The map for Akhaltsikhe-Batumi road:



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