Around Mestia – Koruldi Lakes & short walk to Chalaadi glacier

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Mestia is the best base for hiking and trekking and for exploration of Georgia’s one of the greatest regions Svaneti. Svaneti has the highest summits, one of the best guesthouses and food in the mountains of Georgia, nice people, developed infrastructure, richest cultural heritage, great views, all what you can wish for, even nice small cafes and some little nightlife.

Hatsvali cable cars by Szabo Veszlikova



Hatsvali Cable Cars

Number 1 highlight is Hatsvali cable cars. You will find more about this amazing destination in the guide.

Chalaadi Glacier (Tinatin Kometiani)


Chalaadi Glacier

Along with hatsvali ski resort which is always beautiful all year long, Chalaadi Glacier is another most visited destination in Mestia. For more information about the glacier read the guide .

Koruldi Lakes by Saba Chakvetadze Photography

Koruldi Lakes

Very beautiful hiking, jeep, horseriding, skitouring etc area from Mestia. For more information and hiking/jeep routes please visit our Koruldi Lakes Guide.

Ieli Village

Located near Mestia – actually its turn from the road to Hatsvali cable cars. Find out more about Ieli village and Heshkili Huts in the guide.

Old pic of Heshkili huta, now turned into guesthouse (on the way to Ieli)

National Museum in Mestia

Tower museum of Margiani, museum of famous Alpinist Misha Khergiani and most important, I would say, one of the best museums of Georgia is Georgian National museum in Mestia. It follows highest international standards and gives you full impression on well maintained middle ages Christian culture of Svaneti region. Even if you hate museums its must visit. Just to get more understanding about Svaneti culture, you can visit and open Laghami church in Mestia to have a glance on the frescoes rich in heavenly colors. All these, with Kvirike and Lamaria churches are proof why Svaneti is the best region of Georgia – with one of the richest cultural heritage along with highest summits and beautiful easily accessible glaciers.

Laghami Church, Mestia

Furthermore, you can get to Latali village and do Mkheri hike – the most impressive hike for 1 day or just enjoy the countryside, Hike from Mestia to Mazeri via Guli pass and do Ushba glacier hike there, do 1 day jeeptour to Ushguli which is must, unless you are doing Georgia’s most popular trek – from Mestia to Ushguli. You can also do the first part of this trek but its recommended to hike up to Panorama ridge.

Mestia by Giorgi Nikolava (Tetnuldi summit on the background)


How to Get to Mestia

You can get to Mestia by train (20gel or more) to Zugdidi and then bus (15 gel) to Mestia which waits for night train and you can be in Mestia by 10-11am. You can also get to Mestia by cheap flight 90 gel from Tbilisi but its less reliable. Bus from Tbilisi is not recommended. Organized jeep is recommended if you want to visit some sights on the way like uplistsikhe, Martvili canyons, Kutaisi sights etc.

For the map for other gps tracks of points of interest:

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