Covid19 safety in Georgia

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COVID-19 affected us, tourism sector most, but we are sure we can keep exploring magical destinations. Even if you fear statistics from Georgia, you should take into account that people in shops and other public areas usually wear face masks, people are usually tested so statistics are more trusted, hospital sector usually is not overloaded and restrictions are not usually burden to tourist sector – most restaurants and attractions are open. There is some risk to catch covid so you should use all safety measures and common sense. Private tours arranged by responsible agencies like us could be good idea (Usually we dont request money ahead and if we take return in cases of covid-related cancelation). If confirmed before departure from Georgia, then you may have to stay in the country for a longer time.

For Covid19 Stats Please see this link.

and entry rules to Georgia you can see here.

In short all who is vaccinated can enter. If you are not in the list of countries who can enter based on pcr test, then kid can enter based on pcr test with u, but if under 9 years, they can enter without pcr test.  There is no time period after 2 doses of vaccination for entrance to Georgia. If you are not vaccinated and are in the list, then you can enter based on pcr test (72 hr before the flight) and do another pcr test in 2 days (72 hr period after arrival). Meanwhile you can travel and explore the country and lets say get your test done in a local hospital in Mestia.  Here is a list of countries which can come under pcr (however please re-check it in the link):

? European Union Member States

? State of Israel

? Republic of Turkey

? Swiss Confederation

? Kingdom of Norway

? United States of America

? Canada

? The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

? Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

? State of Qatar

? State of Kuwait

? United Arab Emirates

? Kingdom of Bahrein

? Republic of Armenia

? Republic of Azerbaijan

? Ukraine

? Republic of Moldova

? Republic of Kazakhstan

? Russian Federation

? Republic of Belarus

? Republic of Uzbekistan

? Republic of Tajikistan

? Republic of Kyrgyzstan

? Turkmenistan

? People’s Republic of China

? Japan

? Republic of Korea

? The Sultanate of Oman

? Republic of San Marino

? Principality of Monaco

? Republic of Serbia

? Republic of Iceland

? Principality of Liechtenstein

? Montenegro

? Principality of Andorra

? Republic of Albania

? Republic of Northern Macedonia

? Bosnia and Herzegovina

? Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

? Republic of Iraq

? Lebanese Republic

COVID-19 pandemic: IOSH partners with global travel and tourism council on worker safety guidelines | 2020-10-29 | Safety+Health Magazine

and here is another link  – registration form for non-vaccinated arriving from selected countries.

As for pcr testing, you can get it done in any hotel in Georgia. Average price is from 60 gel (20$).  It can be more expensive in Mestia or Kazbegi. My recommendation goes for medon.  

and for other locations except from Tbilisi you can look at this file.

So wish you health and good social life full of travel and adventure 🙂



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