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Preferred Option: 

Magti simcard which has the best coverage in most places in Georgia. You can buy packages ; Prices start from 3 gel for 500mb up to 30 gel for 15gb. Here is coverage map. and package prices.

Coverage map of Magti:

Internet Package Pricing Magti:

How to get a simcard:

Its better to buy simcard in magti offices in Tbilisi or some other city. Price of simcard may be around 5gel. There are office addresses on the links.They will also help you to buy internet packages. In Some unpopulated/less touristic places, instead of 4g coverage you may have just 2g anyway. In Mestia and in many other cities there is at least 3g if not 4g.

Examples of Covered tourist Destinations:

Mestia: 4g

Ushguli: 3g

Oni: 4g

Shuapkho: No Coverage

Tobavarchkhili Lake: No Coverage

kazbegi: 4g

Shatili: 3g

Roshka: 3g

Lagodekhi: 4g

Dartlo: 3g

Parsma: 2g

Ardoti: No Coverage

Ghebi: 3g
Chiatura: 4g


Option 2: Beeline

On Cover Photo there is an offer by beeline to Tourists:

  • 50 minutes to all international directions
  • Unlimited calls to all local directions
  • Unlimited SMS
  • 3 GB

Valid for – 15 days

Price: 25 GEL

Balance check: *107#OK

Beeline has a special tariff for international calls if you stay for a longer time:


If You are Interested in the best rates for international calls from Georgia you can choose Beeline and its tariff  ,,International”.

If you are not Planning to travel a lot in the regions and you have 4g phone Beeline’s tariffs are the cheapest for international calls as well as for mobile internet. You can buy 20gb 4g internet for just 10 gel and use it for 15 days, however beeline doesnt have 3g network and it automatically redirects you to 2g in case of low coverage and beeline doesnt have the best coverage.


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